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Welshpool Livestock Sales

Created on 12/06/2018 @ 12:53
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Welshpool Livestock Sales report on Sale at Buttington Cross on Monday.

OTMS (38)

a similar entry of otms this week selling to a top of £1509.75 (183ppkg) for a Limousin otm cow weighing 825 from CV & EM Lewis, Buttington New Hall. A P Humphreys, Llwynmadoc, presetned a Angus otm cow weighing 761kg making £1209.99 (159ppkg).

Younger cows topped at £1324.60 (179ppkg) for a 740kg Limousin from B L Griffiths, Lower Penygelli. Also from the same home was a 695kg British Blue making £1216.25 (175ppkg).

Heifers under 48 months topped at £1425.90 (194ppkg) for a 735kg Limousin from CV & EM Lewis, Buttington New Hall.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (x18)  136.87ppkg / £861.76.

Cows 48-72 months (x9) 153.18ppkg / £977.27.

Heifers Under 48 months (x3) 175.91ppkg / £1169.80.

Otm Bull (x1) 175ppkg / £1680.

Steers 48 / 72 months (x1) 148ppkg / £1184.

Steers under 48 months (x6) 162.72ppkg / £931.02.

Overall Average 149.47ppkg.


An entry of 3187 spring lambs sold to an overall average of 258.31ppkg.

Lights (267) to 277ppkg from EG & JR Evans, Cilgwyn Uchaf. Others to 271ppkg from T D Rogers, Trelydan Farm. Average of  256.05ppkg.

Standards (1033) to 358ppkg  from B Jones, Spring Bank. Others to 319ppkg from CJ & ME Williams, MInysarn.  Average of 256.39ppkg.

Mediums (1655) to 371ppkg from H G Ellis & Co, Tynywern. Others to 342ppkg from R A Jones, Red Gwenthrew. Average of  259.63ppkg.

Heavies (172) to 268ppkg from D Wood, Lydham Mill. Others to 261ppkg from BD & HM Jones, Waen. Average of 244.75ppkg.


An entry of 1730 prime hogget’s sold to an overall average of  177.86ppkg.

Lights (480) to 187ppkg from A Rowlands, Penygelli.  Others to 184ppkg from FG & G Mountford, Middle Heldre. Average of 164.18ppkg.

Standards (461) to 210ppkg from J D Edwards & Son, Heath Farm. Others to 207ppkg from RSPB, Tynygarreg. Average of 183.44ppkg.

Mediums (183) to 214ppkg from DRE Jones, Offa Farm. Others to 213ppkg DRE Jones, Offa Farm. Average of 186.47ppkg.

Heavies (66) to 202ppkg. Others to 200ppkg from E Davies & CO, Red House. Average of 178.82ppkg   

Over Weights (22) to 194ppkg from T & D Jones, Dolwen Farm. Others to 190ppkg from MPB Ashton & Son, Belan Ddu.   Average of 169.21ppkg.


A record entry of 5927 cull sheep yesterday, saw averages of £56.19 for ewes and £85.39 for rams. Trade was back on last weeks exceptional prices but a little expected with the amount forward. Ewes of good fleshing and size were around £80 - £90 mark, with welsh ewes a little harder sold especially if they were undone. Best quality hit £141 for 3 ewes from Red House Farm, other ewes from the same home made £130 and £120. JS & A Howells, Shadog Farm, sold two ewes for £140. RH & SA Tudor, Plas Bodewryd,  Anglesey, sold 20 ewes for £115. Rams topped at £141 for a pen of 3 from E O Griffiths & Co, Tymawr. G H Ellett, Cefn Derwen, sold 6 rams for £138.

For more information contact Joe Powell (075055524943) or Sion Roberts (07852252371).


A smaller entry my have been forward, however, it was definatly not lacking quality as prices peaked at £218 for 2 Suffolk x 2 year old ewes with single lambs from F Bailey, Pensarn. 2 year old ewes with twins from the same home hit £212 with a run of hoggs from Mr Bailey selling to £209 for 5 Texels and £200 for 7 Suffolks all with Single lambs.

I C Goodwin & Son, Lower Esgair, sold 9 Texel hoggs with singles to £212 and 5 further Texels to £200.

A large entry of 52 hoggs and lambs from J V Davies & Co, Garth Fawr, peaked at £205 for 22 coloured mules. The whole run averaged £94.68 a life.

All hoggs forward averaged  £82.42 / life.

A similar entry of hoggs and lambs expected next week with entries from F Bailey, Pensarn and J V Davies & Co, Garth Fawr.


An entry of 91 cows and calves and 3 breeding stock bulls this week sold to a top of £3000 for a pure bred Limousin 1st calver with her Limousin heifer calf from RG & RS Whitley; Haulfryn Farming. A consignment of 12 outfits off Messrs Whitley, all were pure bred Limousin 1st calvers with Limousin calves at food sold to an average of £2412 per outfit or £1206 per head.

JE & JT Evans & Son, Upper Cefn Penarth, presented 10 cows and calves selling to a top of £2520 twice for Limousin x 1st calvers both with Limousin bull calves. Next at £2450 another Limousin x 1st calver with Limousin heifer calf. Overall the 10 outfits averaged £1058 per Life.

DP & RE Evans, Moel Y Garth Farm, presented 6 outfits topping at £2150 for a Limousin x 1st calver with a Limousin heifer calf, also from the same home another Limousin x 1st calver with her Limousin bull calf making £2120. The 6 outfits averaged £1936.

J De Rosa, alfryn, presented a Pedigree Limousin 2010 born cow with her pedigree bull calf making £2120. A similar outfit only a 2009 born cow from the same home made £2000.

An entry of 10 outfits from R W Owen, Geirn, all 1st calvers being Limousin x and British Blue x heifers all with Limousin calves sold to £2350, £2080, £2060 to name a few but averaged £2003 per outfit.

E M Breese & Son, Upper Glandulas, presented a British Blue bull making £2950. Messrs Whitley; Haulfryn farming, presented a Pedigree Limosuin bull sired by french bull 'Gedeon' made £2500.

£2500 5 lots, £2200 - £2500 8 lots, £2000 - £2200 15 lots, £1800 - £2000 17 lots, £1600 + £1800 11 lots, £1400 - £1600 9 lots, £1200 - £1400 10 lots, £1000 - £1200 9 lots, <£10005 lots.

Forthcoming sales:

Monday 18th June – Cows & Calves and Store Cattle, Weanlings inc Organics.

Monday 25th June  - Cows & Calves.

Monday 9th July – Store Cattle, Weanlings inc Organics & Cows & Calves.

Saturday 14th July – Machinery Sale at Welshpool Livestock Sales.

Monday 23rd July – Cows & Calves.

Monday 6th August – Cows & Calves.

Monday 13th August – Catalogued sale of Breeding Ewes.

Monday 20th August – Catalogued sale of Breeding Ewes & Cows & Calves.

Saturday 25th August – Welsh National Texel Sale.

Monday 27th August – Catalogued sale of Breeding Ewes.

Wednesday 29th August – Welsh Premier Beltex Sale.

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