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Could this be an answer for boy racers?

Created on 22/06/2018 @ 09:31
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With the debate surrounding the so called boy racers reaching boiling point this week, one local man says he has a possible solution.

Jim Sharman is the founder of the Mid Wales Banger Club, an organisation formed five years ago to hold fun events that let wannabe racers blow off some steam.

He believes that the club could play its part in offering an alternative for young drivers keen to put their skills to the test, without the temptation of using public roads and causing anti-social behaviour in the town centre.

“There was an article about “boy racers” earlier this week, with local residents complaining about the aforementioned causing havoc around the one-way system,” said Jim. “I then put a comment about what we can do to eradicate a certain element of this happening. We can’t claim to 100% sort the issue but I can guarantee it will put a good dent in it. There was a great response from local residents.”

Jim said that by providing regular opportunities for youngsters to compete in banger racing, it will reduce the evening problems in the town centre, but it would take a substantial gesture from a land owner to make it happen.

“We currently don’t have anywhere to race hence why we are looking for a permanent home,” he explained.

“The biggest issue is the land, of course, but I have time and time again contacted Powys County Council, Powys Youth Services and the Town Council to name a few about possibly helping us by providing the land, only to be told they have nothing.

“I don’t believe that a county the size of Powys has no spare land. I believe the issue is that we race old cars around a field which is known as banger racing, this is perceived as a noisy, dirty and a disruptive activity.

“I will categorically tell you it’s a motorsport. It’s OK having the Plains Rally run through town making loads of noise but we can’t have banger racing here? Can someone please tell me why not?”
Jim said the club can offer the opportunity for kids from the age of 10 upwards to get involved in a motorsport.

“Surely this is something the town can get behind? It’s a great way for the local community to get involved in a motorsport, from the building and maintaining of the vehicles we use to also learning to drive and then race.

“We use all the correct insurances and equipment to ensure everyone’s safety. We, as a club, have a huge following not only locally but as far as Scotland and Kent. We had an opportunity of some land in an old quarry locally but unfortunately the owner wanted £16,000 for a year with the money upfront.

“As you can imagine that was a big no no. So I ask if anyone can help then please get in touch. We would love to help raise some money to give out locally, whilst I think the larger charities are doing great work, let’s not forget the hard work volunteers do locally, so every little helps.”

If you feel you can help, contact and we can put you in touch with Jim.


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