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Will litter louts meet their Waterloo?

Created on 10/07/2018 @ 10:01
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A local football club has called for more to be done to clamp down on youngsters who seem intent on turning the town’s sports facilities into a rubbish dump.

Waterloo Rovers said they are fed up with having to regularly clean up the mess at their facility, and pointed out that the town’s other clubs, including the rugby, cricket and Welshpool Town football clubs, are all at their whit’s end.

The club took to Twitter to rant, and in conversation with us, they said that a joint effort should be made to take action.

“It’s a constant problem,” the club told us. “Every week during the season before a game we have to clean up. It’s not just us either, at the cricket club we see teenagers walking around the pitch towards the rugby, Waterloo and junior pitches with boxes and bags full.

“The cricket club have to clear up from around the clubhouse and they’ve had equipment damaged and moved. Welshpool Town shared the problem they’ve had too earlier in the year.

“A solution to the problem? I don’t know but perhaps more action needs to be taken by authorities?”

The latest trash left behind included broken beer bottles and a letter that “one divvy left with his name and address on!”.

The club hasn’t said whether they will contact the person direct or forward to the authorities.

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