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‘There are no jobs for mums’

Created on 18/07/2018 @ 09:47
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Unemployment levels may be at their lowest in living memory for the Welshpool area, but a claim has been made that local employers are not helping mums get back into the workplace.

Figures show that we are enjoying unprecedented levels of employment, with companies in the Welshpool area regularly sharing success stories from international trade. The influx of big shopping brands like Tesco, B&M and Aldi has also helped.

But, according to one grandmother, try being a mum getting a job that suits the demands of also looking after children.

“My daughter has applied to supermarkets, shops, and some of the factories but no employer seems to want to give mums school-hour jobs of 9am-3pm,” she told us during a frank interview, but asked not to be named.

“The system wants mothers to work but how can they afford the childcare fee to child minders when you don’t have family to watch and help out?”

The grandmother told us that her daughter is desperate to get back into work now that her children have started full time education, but said no-one will give her, and many like her, a chance.

“How are mums supposed to get into a working life and gain experience if no one would give them a chance?” she asked. “Or would they rather they stayed at home claiming benefits?

“Companies expect employees to work through to 5pm which is impossible for her to afford because of childcare costs. It wouldn’t be worth her doing it.

“Surely companies should help mums get back to work? Many, like my daughter, want to work but they just can’t get the break they need. She will work at anything really. She doesn’t have many qualifications as being a young mum she hasn't really worked much.

“But that should change for all mothers looking to get on the working ladder to forge a career path for the future.

“I am speaking out now for all mums who want to get back into work.”

Are you an employer looking for staff and would be able to offer a mum 9am-3pm hours? Drop us a line at and we can put you in touch with our reader.

PICTURE: Courtesy of Eye in the Sky Drone.

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