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Reader claims he saw kid commit robbery

Created on 02/08/2018 @ 10:37
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There’s a timely warning about opportunist thieves operating in the area after a MyWelshpool reader claims he witnessed a robbery close to his home by a child “around 12 years old”.

The shocking incident allegedly took place on Sunday night on the Burgess Road estate at around 8pm when he said that he saw the kid jump out of a white van and grab the goods before it made off.

“I was sitting on my sofa when I saw this white van drive slowly past twice,” he said, asking to remain anonymous. “The occupants seemed to be snooping through windows and also onto driveways.

“They quickly drove on to my neighbour’s drive, a young lad around 12 years old jumped out, grabbed two car batteries which were hidden behind a car, chucked them into the foot well and then jumped back into the van and it drove off.”

Our reader waited for his neighbour to return home several hours later to check whether he was expecting something to be picked up, but he was told that he wasn’t.

“Obviously they were looking at anything they could lay their hands on,” he said. “But what is unsettling is that it wasn’t just the driveways they were looking at but through windows as they drove past.

“I know parents want to keep their children occupied during the school holidays but this is something else!”

We have forwarded the van’s details provided to us by our reader to Welshpool Police who urged members of the public to contact them as soon as they suspect a crime is being committed.

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