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Yellow warning (and we’re not talking weather)

Created on 13/01/2020 @ 09:48
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Residents are furious with the dog poo problem spiralling out of control on a stretch of the canal path which has been renamed ‘Dog Poo Alley’.

The issue has been highlighted in this new year by one fed up resident who has been spraying the disgusting deposits yellow, and at the last count more than 50 lots were found by MyWelshpool on a stretch of canal between the museum and the rugby club this morning (Monday).

Over the weekend, fed-up Marilyn Cox, who is one of those that collects rubbish along the path, said the gentleman who used to collect the poo decided enough was enough and took to spraying due to the problem getting worse.

She went on social media to say: “Something has to be done now as it’s getting to the point where it's not possible to walk it without getting muck on either your dog or yourself. I’m surprised that no one has seen any of these disgusting dog owners let their dog do it, they must be there in the dark before any of us responsible dog owners are about.”

Her post was met by overwhelming support from fellow residents, many of whom are dog walkers fed up that rogue owners are spoiling it for the rest. It is suspected by many of those dog walkers who monitor the problem that it is happening under the cover of darkness.

Many are calling for a solution and for CCTV to be installed so that those responsible can be named and shamed. Sadly, other people highlighted more problematic areas in the town, but many are asking ‘what really can be done?’.

Our correspondent says:

You need a cast iron stomach to walk parts of the canal these days. When we read the reports of yellow sprayed poo over the weekend, we usually find these things are exaggerated for affect.

But, unfortunately, they paint a pretty dismal picture. It is vile. This morning there were dozens of sprayed leftovers and, even more worrying, there are fresh unsprayed deposits – and plenty of them.

What goes through a person’s mind that does this is troubling. To actually want to wade through dog poo to walk your pooch is puzzling. This is one of Welshpool’s most beautiful areas so we can’t let it go. These people need to be stopped.

But what can be done? Well, there is the CCTV option, but it appears some walkers are catching others out but being given verbal abuse in response to requests to pick up.

Help is at hand, rogue dog walkers can be reported to Powys County Council through

It is important to remember that these are a minority and a vast majority of dog walkers, like myself, are responsible. Let’s pull together and put a stop to this once and for all.

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