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Iolo appeal after snakes spotted in Welshpool

Created on 06/07/2020 @ 11:24
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MyWelshpool has been informed of a couple of sightings of harmless grass snakes over the weekend, and BBC nature presenter, Iolo Williams, has urged readers to let them be.

This photo was sent in to us by Zoe Swift who said her mother, Deborah, took it at the top of Red Bank on Saturday morning.

It has been identified by Iolo as a female grass snake and he urged: “Please tell readers that they’re completely harmless.”

Meanwhile, at the other end of town, Commonwealth Games runner Andy Davies said he saw a snake swimming in the canal.

“It was swimming along nicely for a few minutes,” he said.

Despite the sightings, Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust told us that it doesn’t appear to be a bumper year for snakes.

“We have received no more reports of snakes than any other year,” a spokesperson said. “I suspect there are just more people around to see them.

“Grass snakes are harmless and should be left alone. They are common around water, in particular, as it is their favourite hunting ground; they are known on the canal.

“Many people confuse grass snakes for adders, but the latter are very rare in our area now. If people see a big snake, it is not an adder, as they are small. In fact, sadly the majority of snake sightings are of either grass snakes or slow-worm (a legless lizard) rather than an adder.”

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