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Canal cygnet attacked by dog

Created on 16/07/2020 @ 10:28
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Dog owners are being warned to respect wildlife and guidelines in place or they could lose the privilege of walking their pets through some of our favourites beauty spots.

The warning has come from Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust after sharing this picture of a baby swan with a chunk taken out of its neck which, they say, was done by a dog off a lead.

Farmers unions regularly plead with dog owners to be responsible around livestock, particularly during breeding season, and now the local wildlife charity is echoing their calls for owners to take more care.

“This cygnet was rescued from the Montgomery Canal this week after a dog took a chunk out of its neck,” a spokesperson posted. “Sorry to start the day with an upsetting tone, but this is really important.

“I know that all of you lovely people will be responsible, but we encourage you to spread the word. To be off lead, a dog needs to be fully trained. You need to be pretty sure that it's going to come back immediately that you call it, no matter what the distraction.

“However, even if you have an angel dog, you need to follow the rules of the sites you visit; they are there for a reason. Respect them or you might lose the privilege.

“Finally, whether on a nature reserve or not, wildlife will be around, so think about how your actions might affect other life.

“For example, if it is the bird nesting season and your dog likes to explore away from the path, then keep it close to you or on a lead - it's only for a few months and may save lives. Just think how upset you would be if the (picture) was your dog.”

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