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Kebabs to blame for traffic light glitch

Created on 05/07/2011 @ 12:00
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You’ve heard about leaves on train lines, well now there’s a new one to be considered for the ‘classic excuse’ book, although this one appears to be authentic.
Motorists were becoming increasingly frustrated by the problems caused by the Severn Street traffic lights on the cross which baffled everyone until the cause was found – kebabs!
The mystery started when the traffic lights for the new one-way road system were installed with a sensor and timer mechanism. This meant that if there was no traffic coming into town from Severn Street, the sensor would pick this up and turn them to red.
However, queues began stretching back towards the Fire Station even at quiet times of day like lunch time which gave an indication as to what was wrong.
Town Clerk Robert Robinson explained.
“There is a very popular kebab shop about 50 yards up from the lights and cars often park outside to pop in and pick up their order,” he said. “Obviously this meant that the first half dozen cars or so were going through the lights but the other vehicles that would need to come around the parked cars were not reaching the lights in time for the sensors to realise the road was busy so the lights were changing back to red quickly!”
Thankfully the problem has been resolved to ensure more time for cars to pass through.
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