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Welshpool Livestock Sales

Created on 13/07/2011 @ 14:22
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Messrs Morris Marshall & Poole and Norman Lloyd.

Welshpool Livestock Sales report on a highly successful auction at Buttington Cross Welshpool on Monday.
OTMS (67)
An entry of 67 Over Thirty Month Cattle sold to a fantastic average of 134ppkg for the 50 cows, 140ppkg for the 14 Under 48month old, 2 steers averaged 149ppkg and 1 bull to137ppkg. Roberts and Jones Parc sold a Charolais cow weighing 827kg to a top market price of £1397.63 per head. HD & MW Pugh Tanycoed sold a Limousin cow to £1230.78 and a Limousin under 48month old heifer to a top market price of £1141.00 per head. TH & ME & EJ Jones Plas Coch sold a Charolais cow to £1077.96 per head.
Roberts and Jones Parc receives the Briarwood Products Ltd prize of £25 for the highest price older cow sold on the day. 
Heifers averaged 166ppkg and steers 174ppkg. TR & EJ & SR Jones Gwernhowell sold Limousin heifer weighing 522kg to a top market price of 185ppkg (£965.70). RB & JA Jones Wernddu sold two limousin heifers to 177ppkg and 174ppkg. Steers topped at 170ppkg from Evans Brothers Tynewydd.
TR & EJ & SR Jones Gwernhowell receives the Briarwood Products prize of £25 for the highest ppkg animal sold on the day.
An entry of 4946spring lambs, selling to an average of 194.9ppkg.
Super Lights (41) to 198ppkg from A T SAnkey Upper Stitt. Average of 188ppkg. 
Lights (385) to 203ppkg from JH & SA Pughe Gwernbere and D A Rees & Co Esgair. Others to 202ppkg from BL & G E& M Ellis Pwynt. Average of 194ppkg.
Standards (1744) to 246ppkg from B L Griffiths Lower Penygelli. Others to 229ppkg from J W Hopkins Bank Farm. Average of 195ppkg.
Mediums (2431) to 225ppkg from E A Marston New House. Others to 212ppkg from S J Smith Penybryn. Average of 194ppkg.
Heavy’s (269) to 194ppkg from DE S & ER Bickerton Lloran Ucha. Others to 191ppkg from G P Pugh & Son The Garth. Average of 182ppkg.
Over Weights (61) to 163ppkg from T Rees & L E Jones Penywern. Others to 162ppkg from D P Casewell Tanrhiw.  
On Behalf of the Shropshire and Border Texel Club the Butchers lamb competition took place at Welshpool Market with the results as follows:
Up to 38kg
1st & Champions B L Grffiths Lower Penygelli.
2nd J A Williams Llechwedd Dyrys.
3rd CJ & ME Williams Minysarn.
4th J A Williams Llechwedd Dyrys.
Over 38.5kg and Over
1st & Res Champion E A Marston New House.
2nd B L Griffiths Lower Penygelli.
3rd S J Smith Penybryn.
4th TP & M Evans & Son Wern Farm.
CULL EWE (2404)
A good entry of 2404 cull sheep sold to a very good average of £67.40 for the ewes and £78.61 for the rams. Cull ewes topped the sale at £146 per head from S J Smith Penybryn. Tynybryn Farm sold ewes to £131 per head. Rams topped at £118 per head from JR & ME Roberts Penarddlas. Weekly sale of cull ewes to immediately follow the fat lamb sale.
An entry of 37 cows and calves met with a much steadier trade with a lot of plainer cows forward. Nevertheless there was one highlight of the day when a Limousin 1st calver with her purebred bull calf sold for £2650, an excellent outfit presented by J & G. Burrough; Holly Farm, Whitchurch. F.J. Owens & Co; Llettygynfach sold a 2005 born Blonde D’Aquitaine cross cow with a bull calf for £1240. Price & Price; Cwm Earl made £1240 for a British Blue cross 1st calver with a Limousin cross heifer calf. D.P. Evans; Moelygarth Farm sold 6 1st calvers with Limousin calves at foot to a top of £1140, and to an average of £1080.
A breakdown of all prices achieved were as follows:
2000+ 1 lot; 1200 – 1300 2 lots; 1100 – 1200 5 lots; 1000 – 1100 8 lots; 900 – 1000 5 lots; <900 15 lots.
A catalogue entry of 100 store cattle sold to average 157ppkg for the steers and Heifers. Top prices where as follows:
Limousinx (x1) 430kg 188ppkg J R Jones Hilly Farm
Limousinx (x1) 300kg 188ppkg R M Evans New House
Limousinx (x1) 490kg 185ppkg IC & EA Jerman Pigeon House
Limousinx (x2) 505kg 1818ppkg IC & EA Jerman Pigeon House
Blonde D’aquataine (x1) 440kg 179.5ppkg EO & LM & SP Richards Red House.
Limousinx (x2) 322kg 191ppkg J R Jones Hilly Farm
Limousinx (x2) 327kg 189ppkg J R Jones Hilly Farm
British Bluex (x1) 425kg 178ppkg GM & PE Jones & Son Measderw.
British Bluex (x2) 420kg 175ppkg G H Kynaston Fox Holes Farm
Britsh Bluex (x1) 460kg 175ppkg PV Evans Court Farm
Next Sale of Store cattle will take place on Monday 25th July (closing date for entries Monday 18th July)
Forthcoming Sales.
Monday 18th July, Dairy Cows.
Monday 25th July, Cows and Calves and Store Cattle.
Monday 1st August, Dairy Cows.
Monday 8th August, Cows and Calves.
Monday 15th August, Dairy Cows.
Monday 22nd August, Cows and Calves.
Friday 26th August, Welsh Premier Texel Show.
Saturday 27th August, Welsh Premier Texel Sale.

Monday 29th August, Dairy Cattle, Store Cattle and Weanlings inc Organic Store Cattle.

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