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Massive military operation for Mid Wales

Created on 23/09/2010 @ 08:43
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A major multi national large scale military exercise will be taking to the skies of Mid Wales during the first two weeks of October

Exercise JOINT WARRIOR (JW) aims to provide coordinated training for all three UK Armed Services and forces from up to 14 Allied Nations utilising Navy, Army and Air Force assets throughout the UK and surrounding sea areas.

The exercise scenario involves three sovereign nations, disputed territory and terrorist movements. The exercise will develop over the two weeks, through a period of military and political tension into simulated warfighting / open hostilities.

JW facilitates a very broad range of crisis and conflict scenarios including counter insurgency, state sponsored terrorism, counter narcotics and state on state conflict situations, all of which help train JW participants across the Air, Maritime and Land environments in the many and varied skills that are required of today’s modern Armed Forces.

Approximately 35 RAF aircraft types are participating which include support and attack helicopters. UK aircraft include Tornado GR4(pictured), VC10 and Tristar Air to Air refuelling (AAR), E3D Sentry and Hawk.

Visiting and Allied air participants include F15Cs to be based at RAF Lakenheath, up to 16 Swedish Air Force Gripen multirole aircraft deployed at RAF Lossiemouth, NATO E3A and P3 Maritime Patrol Aircraft from Germany and Norway at RAF Kinloss.

Approximately 65 combat and support missions will be flown day and night throughout the period with limited night and weekend flying.

Squadron Leader Albie Fox, RAF Community Relations Officer for Wales said: “Joint Warrior is the largest exercise in Europe and is a workup for NATO command staff as well as regular and reserve personnel of all three services.

"Care has been taken to ensure close working relationships with landowners and local communities to ensure that appropriate environmental mitigation procedures have been put in place and will be adhered to.”

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