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Generations at odds over booze ban

Created on 15/11/2010 @ 19:55
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The decision by 51 per cent of Welshpool’s youth to veto a proposed booze ban for Welshpool Town Centre has been met by bewilderment and anger from some local residents.
Last week, mywelshpool revealed that Welshpool Town Council’s public consultation period showed a massive difference of opinion between adults and youths on the issue of public drinking.
While an overwhelming percentage of adults saw this as a priority, it looks set to slip to the lower echelons of the town’s ‘to do’ list over the next four years after the local youth disagreed.
One angry resident that emailed mywelshpool called the results “pathetic” and a “sad indictment on the youth of today”, while a 15 year-old hailed it as “victory for the young”.
“Why are the kids being asked to give their opinion on a subject like alcohol when they can’t even drink until they are 18?” asked the local pensioner. “Quite frankly, I think it is pathetic and a sad indictment on society. Of course it should be banned because these groups of people that drink cheap supermarket booze in public areas are causing most of the town centre problems!”
However, one high school student, 15, disagreed and said she summed up the thoughts of her friends by adding: “We are sick and tired of laws and decisions being made that cut down on what people can and can’t do to enjoy themselves. Full marks to the Town Council for allowing the youth to comment on issues that will affect our future. It’s a victory for the young and for democracy!”
The Town Council will be making a final decision on its priorities at their next full meeting next week.
NOTE: Have your say in our poll (home page, bottom right)! So far, an incredible 91 per cent of voters support a booze ban in town centre public areas.
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