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Europe - stay or go

Created on 03/03/2016 @ 17:31
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Will I, Won’t I;  Can I, Can’t I;  Shall I,  Shan’t  I?

The burning question for the next 3 months – to the extent that by the time the 23rd June arrives we will all be fed up with literally the ins or outs of European Community.

Both sides will advocate the significant importance of the decision, quite rightly, and like most decisions there will be good and bad parts whichever way the vote goes.  

Back in the 1970’s when we “joined” Europe an alliance seemed to be the logical progression, the countries involved in the EEC (as it was known then) had a certain amount in common with the UK and to a large extent it has worked.

Over the years many additional countries have been accepted under that “wing” but also many of those countries agricultural industries have little, if any, connection with our farming practices and yet the “Common Agricultural Policy” is supposed to cover all – can a broad brush approach suit such a diverse farming area – I think not!  

Has the “European Empire” got like say the Roman Empire and dare I say, the British Empire just too big to cope with so many differing aspects, cultures and practices within a comparatively small area.

If we stay within Europe should there be an “overhaul” of Brussels and a more “regional” outlook to try to cater for so many differing factors that come within the Community.

There is much more at stake in the referendum than agriculture but like everyone in the world you look at what affects you and lean that way accordingly, human nature!!

There also seems to be a concern that future trading will be hit – with the strength of the £ in recent times has trading been that good anyway?  In my simplistic mind there are only two things that affect trading and they are price and profit whoever or whatever you are!!

However any of us vote is a personal and private consideration, what should count is that we all ingest and listen to both sides of the debate and make a decision on those facts rather than a flippant “who cares” basis.
Will I, Won’t I; Can I, Can’t I;  Shall I,  Shan’t  I !!

Picture caption: Clive C. Roads, Partner, Auctioneer and Agricultural Chairman at McCartneys.


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