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TV star says change is in the air!

Created on 10/08/2010 @ 14:19
Welcome to the beginning of a fresh new era for local news in YOUR neighbourhood! is a news-based community web site that has been created for you – the people of Welshpool and its surrounding towns and villages.
As you are well aware, times are changing and people’s reading habits are changing too so has been designed to meet your demand for instant local news and information about the place that we all call home. The fact that you are reading this demonstrates that you are an internet user with an interest in anything local.TV star Sian Lloyd is a regular visitor to mywelshpool
News has never been so local. With a target audience of 25,000 people, our pledge is to cover what is relevant and of interest to you. So whether you live in the shadows of the town hall or Llanfair, Guilsfield, Montgomery, Four Crosses, Trewern or Berriew, our mission is to ensure that if it happens within this area, it will be covered by here.
And of course, with that comes an unrivalled marketing opportunity for the local business community to reach out directly to their next customer who is located within their catchment area. We provide unparalleled value-for-money returns for every advertisement investment. Speak to us about how we can work together.
However, we will only be as successful as the interaction we enjoy with the community. This site will grow over the coming days, weeks and months with the information that we receive from you. So if you have a tip-off, announcement, upcoming event or story-of-interest, let us know. We are only a click away at or our hotline to ring or text is 07779 953529.
So who are we?
Many of you will remember the Welshpool Dictionary Facebook Group earlier this year? It created an incredible community spirit and is still the talk of the town with 2,000 members! Well, the Group founder is the same person behind and has partnered with a media professional to form a team with 50 years of experience.
And while Welshpool news has never been so local and instant, it has also never been greener. There will be no ink on your fingers, papers to throw away nor delivery vans chugging out fumes delivering out-of-date news. We will operate to the strictest environmental standards. Oh and did we mention that it will always be completely free for you to access? That’s right, not a single penny.
We have the support of the area, from community and town councils to the emergency services and our Member for Parliament, Glyn Davies. Not to mention our most famous resident, Sian Lloyd.
“This is a very exciting development in the way local news will be communicated in the future so I am keen to show my support,” she said. “Montgomeryshire is a beautiful place to live with wonderful, friendly people and this web site will not only create a community spirit, it will help to showcase the area to a wider audience in a fresh and innovative way.”
All that’s left to say is that the team looks forward to hearing from you. Play your part in this new, fresh and exciting venture which will position Welshpool as a forward thinking modern town boasting its own state-of-the-art news-based community web site.
Make us your homepage so that every time you log on you will have the latest local news at your fingertips: 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 52 weeks a year.
Our site is your site. Let’s work together to enjoy an up-to-the-minute new era of community news reporting. The future has just become the present!
Welcome aboard.
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