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Much ado-do about nothing

Created on 23/08/2010 @ 12:49


Well, well, well who would have thought it? What started off as an innocent appeal in the quiet Welsh countryside snowballed into a national debate on Radio Two and even ended up with a song penned in its honour!Guilsfield
Last week, mywelshpool reported how the growing numbers of horses travelling through Guilsfield were depositing growing numbers of dung on the village’s roads and pavements. The problem had even prompted the local council to issue a plea for riders to clean up.
While the village’s roses may be blooming like never before, the residents have kicked up a stink because of the problems faced by cyclists, parents pushing prams and even the disabled and elderly struggling with mobile scooters.
The story was picked up by researchers of Jeremy Vine’s Radio Two show resulting in five million listeners tuning in to hear council chairman Glynn Turner highlight the issue.
And it got worse…
The saga even hit a bum note with one karaoke enthusiast who has penned some hilarious lyrics to the tune of Tom Jones’s Green Green Grass of home.
amateur lyric writer Robert JonesRobert Jones (left), who was born in Welshpool in 1951, but now lives in Belfast, spotted the story on mywelshpool and later heard the debate on Radio Two. He decided to lighten things up with his hilarious ode to Guilsfield.
“It took me about 20 minutes to do,” he said. “I am a member of Singsnap which is an online Karaoke community and did it there. It is just a bit of fun. I had a heart attack about three months ago and needed something to occupy my mind without being too strenuous and I saw the link for Singsnap on Facebook and I am totally hooked now! It has helped because I am doing great and head back to work this week.
“Welshpool has an incredible pull on me though, I love the place. I get home for a couple of weeks every year to see family and old mates. My Mum lives in Lambert Road, Joan Jones who is 85 now and as sharp as a pin!”
Robert’s ditty includes some side-splitting lines including:
‘Down the road I slipped, in my green wellies,
Trying to avoid the smellies.’
To hear the song in its entirety, please visit
Just don’t sing along too loud or it may leave you feeling a little hoarse…
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