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‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ introduced to high school

Created on 17/01/2022 @ 12:13


With the past couple of years proving challenging to pupils up and down the country, Welshpool High School introduced a ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ prior to breaking up for Christmas.

The day gave pupils an opportunity to engage with a meaningful, wellbeing focused activity, allowing teachers to not only recognise the tremendous efforts made by learners throughout the autumn term, but to highlight how important the wellbeing of pupils and staff is to the ongoing success of the school.

“Teachers worked within their year tutor teams to provide a range of wellbeing activities for the pupils in each year group, with a dizzying variety of choices on offer,” a spokesperson explained. “Everything from music quizzes to snowflake chromatography to dodgeball was offered across the different year groups, not forgetting the ‘I’m a Celebrity’-style quiz complete with edible critters, an option not for the faint-hearted.”

The result was a session that allowed staff and pupils to enjoy time together, engage in activities with a firm focus on wellbeing and building relationships. 

“We hope to build on the success of our wellbeing afternoon with more sessions like this as we go through the school year. Thank you to all our staff members and pupils for making it such an enjoyable experience and a positive end to 2021.”

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