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Electride backing Clean Air Day with £50 offer

Created on 07/10/2020 @ 23:26

Electride of Newtown is helping support Clean Air Day with a £50 promotion.

Clean Air Day is today – Thursday, October 8 – and will see schools, hospitals, workplaces and communities across the UK run events to inspire people to take simple steps to protect their health, and their families’ health, from air pollution.

Electride of Newtown is supporting Clean Air Day through a deal in store – if you buy an electric bike, scooter, trike or motorbike, you will have £50 to spend in store on accessories. 

“Our story of improving air quality includes starting up an electric vehicle company in the heart of Mid-Wales, helping to bring a new, greener form of transport into the surrounding areas and shows that it is possible to address pollution,” said Managing Director Mark Barnes.

“Everybody can have a positive impact on air quality and Electride would like to inspire the local community to understand what they can do to reduce air pollution and limit its impact on their health and that of others.

“Air pollution affects your health from your first breath to your last, as the damage to our health can start when we’re a baby and carry on through into old age.

“The good news is that our air pollution crisis is solvable and there are simple steps we can all take to help our family avoid toxic air and cut down on the pollution we emit – it's good for us and good for the planet too. 

“People might be surprised by the amount of electric transport available these days. Electric motorbikes are the perfect zero emission commuting tool whilst electric pedal bikes open up cycling to those less able to manage the ,” he added.

Today, October 8, is a day of practical action and awareness-raising, so we can all breathe cleaner air. Clean Air Day gives every school, hospital, workplace and housing estate free access to cutting-edge advice on avoiding and tackling urban air pollution, approved by health experts and academics.

All the information on how to get involved in Clean Air Day is available from the Clean Air Day website 

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