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13  July

Welshpool Town Council declares a "Climate Emergency"

27/02/2019 @ 09:05

Welshpool Town Council has declared a “climate emergency” and will now set in place a formal plan of action.

Councillor David Senior last night put forward a plan to the authority. His motion stated that there is a need to put in a plan after being inspired by similar action taken by Bristol City Council who called a climate emergency in November.

The report read: "Extreme weather events this last two years have presented severe challenges to transport, agriculture and other services, though what we have experienced in the Welshpool area is almost insignificant compared to many parts of the world.

"Unless we act on climate, we collectively face the greatest threat to our local and global environment. According to October’s Intergovernmental Panel on climate change 1.5C report, humanity has 12 years to deliver the major actions needed to turn this around.

“So we can avoid reaching tipping points where we no longer have the ability to avoid extreme weather events. It is clear to many of us that we must act locally and globally.

"Business as usual is clearly no longer an option. We need local wisdom and action to increase our resilience and to prepare for the changes already in the system. Welshpool can play its role in preventing dangerous and extreme weather events."

The plan includes moves to declare a climate emergency, take action to reduce the council’s carbon footprint, and help move Welshpool towards a net zero carbon producer.

It also includes plans to work with organisations to help counter climate change, and call on the Welsh and UK Government to provide support and resources.

The council’s Strategy and Policies Committee will now draw up a list of priorities to help move towards Welshpool being a net-zero carbon producer as soon as possible.