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Local ‘referendum’ to be held on Power debate

Created on 09/05/2011 @ 14:18


Another major move to unite Montgomeryshire’s opposition to massive power plans has been launched by the Montgomeryshire Local Council Forum.
Several town and community councils met on Friday to discuss the plans which will see 800 wind turbines, a 19-acre substation and hundreds of giant pylons erected through local countryside in the coming years.
And it was decided that a strong united message should be sent to Scottish Power and National Grid from the local population that those plans are simply not welcome.
A spokesperson for the Montgomeryshire Local Council Forum said: “A move is being made by a number of local community and town councils to seek public views by holding a public ballot on the subject of the wind turbines, hub and pylons.
“The Forum has been working on this subject for nearly three years now and has already petitioned parliament and the Welsh Assembly. The next stage is now with us and the Community and Town Councils are ready to seek public opinion on the whole subject.”
Public Opinion will be sought by a public vote on a range of questions between June 11-16 in each of the communities represented which included Welshpool, Newtown, Llandrino, Landisilio, Llanfyllyn, Llanfechain and Kerry. The spokesperson added that other community councils will be offered the chance to take part.
Questions will range from wind farms, pylon lines, electricity hubs and transport to seeking a public inquiry into the whole basis of the TAN8 project.
Some councils have indicated they will conduct the questionnaire door-to-door while open will operate voting stations. Each community and town council will do their own system of gaining the public views. There will be a paper voting system as well as computer based so that it reaches as many residents as possible
The count for the survey will be held at Welshpool Town Hall on June 17 at 10am. Information will be issued prior to the voting week to offer the facts so that people can make up their own minds.
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