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Happy ending to chopper search

Created on 12/10/2020 @ 08:29

Welshpool Police have confirmed that their search for a missing person following an “unconfirmed report” has ended with a positive outcome.

Residents reported that they were woken up at around 4.30am on Sunday morning by a a National Police Air Service (NPAS) helicopter, with one telling us it was so loud they thought “it was landing in my garden”.

It was up again later in the morning with police confirming a search was on.

However, last night a spokesperson told us: “A local vulnerable elderly person has now been identified and spoken to by police. They are safe and well.”

Last week, it was revealed that 45% of all the tasks undertaken by NPAS aircraft and crew are searches for vulnerable missing people, including those who might be in danger of self harm.

This year alone NPAS helicopters in Wales have undertaken more than 500 of these kind of searches.


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