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In the dark over McDonald’s lighting

Created on 09/05/2021 @ 11:35


As the opening of Welshpool’s McDonald’s restaurant draws ever closer, town councillors have raised concerns about the lack of street lighting in reaching the out-of-town location on foot.

Speaking at the last full town council meeting, Cllr Steve Kaye called for the new fast-food restaurant and Powys County Council (PCC) Highways department to work together to address the key safety issue which appears to have been overlooked.

“Our children are walking from one end of the town to the other,” said Cllr Kaye. “When McDonald’s opens they are going to be going down the canal and down that main road. There’s no lighting down that main road and there is no lighting down the canal.

“They’ll (PCC) say that we don’t want to put lighting down there as we want to keep children away from the water. Oh come on, we were kids ourselves. Why doesn’t the Highways get in touch with the canal and ask their committee ‘would you like us to provide lights down there’? “McDonald’s might even agree to help towards things like that. All I am thinking about is the children and this is a big local thing.

“This beautiful town of our’s has got some good things happening but we don’t seem to be doing joined up thinking and it does wind me up.”

Cllr Hazel Evans pointed out that: “When McDonald’s came up at council, I remember Cllr (Phil) Pritchard saying that we should ask them to provide the lighting from McDonald’s upwards because there is no street lighting along there, and I don’t know whether that was asked?”

Cllr Kaye replied that it was brought up with Highways who “didn’t even realise there was no street lighting down the bypass and I think they were going to do something about it”.

“We can start badgering them about it to get something done,” he said.

Cllr Kaye’s remarks were part of a lengthy rant about the poor relationship he believes the town has with PCC over a number of issues.

Councillors agreed to work with One Voice Wales to lobby PCC for this and other issues of concern, like roads, to be addressed with more urgency. 

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