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Assistant Town Clerk accused of being "rude & nasty" to staff

Created on 07/12/2021 @ 14:13

Welshpool Town Council’s Assistant Town Clerk was dismissed because of his failing relationships with other staff an Employment Tribunal heard today.

Former Assistant Town Clerk Martin Bond is taking the Town Council and its former Town Clerk Robert Robinson to the tribunal to complain of unfair dismissal after whistle blowing about a broken alarm system at the Town Hall.

But former Mayor Councillor Steve Kaye told the tribunal that Mr Bond was sacked because of his failing relationship with the then Town Clerk Mr Robinson and other staff.

Earlier the hearing had been told that Mr Robinson had been put on gardening leave after it was discovered he had not disclosed that the Town Hall’s fire alarm system had not been working for two and a half years.

Councillor Kaye said a staff member had complained to him that Mr Bond was rude and nasty to staff. Another staff member had described Mr Bond as “Little Hitler” and that he was being rude.

“We asked him to try his best to get on with Mr Robinson and the rest of the staff but he shut himself in his office and did not make any effort to improve,” said Councillor Kaye.

The tribunal heard that councillors were concerned that staff would leave the authority because of the issues with Mr Bond.

Councillor Alison Davies (pictured), who was chairman of the Staffing Committee at the time, said that Mr Bond had been asked to address his relationships with other staff but did not accept that his demeanour was having an effect.

Questioned under oath by Mr Bond, Councillor Davies said: “You did not have a good relationship with other members of staff. I offered you advice on how to continue but you did not recognise there was a problem with staff.

“You had discussed with me your failing relationship with Mr Robert Robinson and I had heard a shouting match in the office between you. Staff considered you to be high-handed and discourteous.”

Mr Bond said there was a pattern of behaviour among staff demonstrating a tendency to engage in false allegations.

“Staff have joined together to conspire against me but there are no formal complaints against me.”

Councillor Davies said that she did not fully support the manner of Mr Bond’s departure. “I did believe you should have the opportunity to improve. Mr Robinson though insisted that all staff matters were his responsibility. I disagreed with him.

“The process of your dismissal was not as I wished but the council had every right to dismiss you.”

Councillor Davies said the staff were “caught between two bullies -  Mr Robinson and Mr Bond”.

The hearing continues.


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