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Brook Street ‘motorway’ is accident waiting to happen

Created on 14/05/2022 @ 08:46

There are claims that Welshpool’s Brook Street has become a “motorway” with speeding motorists placing pedestrians’ lives in danger, particularly close to a children's play area.

And now, residents on the street are calling on the Welsh Government to introduce traffic calming measures before it is too late.

It appears that the problems have increased since the new road system came into play with a majority of traffic now sent down the ‘back road’.

But residents are angered by the increased noise as a result and particularly the speed of vehicles.

“It has become a motorway at times,” one campaigner told us, asking not to be named.

“I have been campaigning for about four years now for something to be done to reduce the speed of the increased amount of traffic using Brook Street as the new main road through the town.

“The bad state of the road surface exacerbates the sound and vibrations of the speeding traffic, resulting in nearly constant ‘motorway’ noise and conditions in what is actually a 30mph zone. 

"Apart from the obvious hazard of speeding on a residential road where there is a children's play park, football field and sheltered housing, it is causing some residents to feel frustrated and angry that nothing is being done to stop those inconsiderate drivers who continue to break the law." 

“There are 30mph signs near the Raven roundabout, which some drivers do comply with, but it seems there are others who need more convincing to slow down. 

“There are numerous ways these days to control traffic speed, so why can't we use some in Welshpool?”

Powys County Council is responsible for the road and the residents’ complaints have been picked up by Graham Breeze, Councillor for the Welshpool Llanerchyddol Ward, who said: “I have had many conversations with residents who are expressing concerns and persuaded Powys Highways team to carry out a speed survey.

“The survey discovered very little evidence of speeding on that section of road despite the concerns.

“Having said that I am aware of other concerns over pedestrian safety in the area, particularly children crossing to the playground at Dolyfelin. These issues remain under observation by the Highways team.” 

PICTURE: Brook Street was the scene of a nasty smash last year when a car lost control and hit fencing and eventually a lamp post.


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