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Tesco event to promote fostering

Created on 20/05/2022 @ 06:32


Next Friday, Powys County Council will be at Tesco to try and encourage more people in the Welshpool area to become foster parents.

The council has repeatadly put out a call for more people to come forward after a couple of “challenging years”.

The country’s 22 authorities have formed Foster Wales with the hope of being able to keep more children in their their local area, close to their friends and family and remain in their school. This can help children and young people retain their sense of identity during an otherwise turbulent time.

A team will be located at Tesco on May 27, from 10am-4pm, and Jan Coles, Head of Children’s Services at Powys County Council, said: “The last two years have certainly been challenging but we’re so grateful for our foster carers in Powys, and across Wales, who have opened their doors to children and given them a safe place during the Covid pandemic.

“By fostering with your local authority, you will help children to stay in their community, with the surroundings, school, friends and activities they know. It keeps them connected, builds stability and confidence.

“I would encourage people not just to foster, but to foster with us, your local authority, which is part of Foster Wales, a not-for-profit organisation responsible for the children in our care.”

If you’re interested, turn up on the day or visit (0800 223 0627).


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