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Farmers point finger at Agency for flooding

Created on 05/10/2012 @ 09:47


After the wettest summer on record Montgomeryshire farmers have hit out at the Environment Agency Wales for not dredging local rivers and propose it reviews its actions and practices in terms of river and estuary management and maintenance.
After last week’s first torrential rain of the autumn, roads were closed as rivers overflowed and farmers believe the lack of dredging on the River Severn carries some of the blame.
Edward Chapman, Montgomeryshire NFU Cymru County Chairman, whose farmland has suffered severely due to the River Severn flooding its banks on numerous occasions said: “All the rivers used to be dredged but why don’t they do it now? I expect as with many other things it’s down to money but I believe not dredging actually costs them much more in the long run.
“I believe that the numerous occasions of excessive rainfall and consequent flooding experienced this year and indeed in recent years could be much better absorbed naturally by our rivers and estuaries if they were regularly maintained in terms of the dredging of sand and the removal of grit and other debris.
“Farmers regularly clean out their own field drainage ditches as part of good management and practice to aid water flow and avoid water logging – the same principle should apply to our major water ways yet their maintenance is not given the priority that is required in order to allow for a much improved flow of water.”
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