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Rural fuel prices slammed

Created on 06/10/2010 @ 12:34


A claim has been made that tax on fuel is crippling rural life and a call has been made for locals to receive a tax rebate.
In a letter to Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Wales David Jones MP, the Farmers’ Union for Wales stressed that many rural businesses already pay far higher tax levels than their competitors and has called for a tax rebate for rural dwellers.
The call has come after a recent AA report showed that this month's average fuel prices for the area surpassed a majority of the country at 118.7p for a litre of diesel (75.20p fuel duty) and 115.8p for a litre of unleaded petrol (74.69p duty). Farmers in particular are being hit hard.
FUW president Gareth Vaughan has bitterly complained: “Rural dwellers are being ripped off by such huge fuel costs. Because of a lack of public transport in many rural areas of Wales farmers, other business people and individuals have no alternative other than to use their own vehicles."
The union has pointed out that 4x4 vehicles were a necessity for many individuals and businesses in rural areas due to a range of factors, including the poor standards of access to houses and business premises in rural areas, and the prioritisation of major trunk roads by Local Authorities during adverse weather conditions.
“The current vehicle taxation system means 4x4 owners pay far higher vehicle tax rates than owners of normal vehicles,” added Mr. Vaughan. “Yet the system takes no account of the fact that those who own such vehicles do so out of necessity rather than choice.
 “Nor does the system take into account the fact that 4x4 owners already pay higher taxes because the level of duty paid on fuel is directly proportionate to the amount of fuel used.”
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