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Not a happy bunny!

Created on 20/10/2010 @ 13:17


A Proposal to gas hundreds of troublesome bunnies in Welshpool has rattled the cage of animal rights campaigners who have called for other methods to be tried.
Mywelshpool reported last week that after months of failed attempts to restrict the numbers of rabbits damaging Maesydre playing fields, gassing is now being considered as a last resort.
The proposal has been submitted to Welshpool Town Council by its Leisure and Recreation Committee and will be debated at its next full meeting on October 27.
But campaigners, contacted by concerned residents, have called for a stay of execution to consider alternatives and said they are monitoring the issue closely.
“There is nothing humane about gassing massive numbers of animals to death,” said Fiona Pereira, campaigner for Animal Aid. “The amount of damage caused by rabbits is the result of those animals living their lives by feeding themselves and making burrows. Is that really such a huge crime that they have to pay with their lives? One way to reduce rabbit numbers is to stop slaughtering animals that rely on them for food: foxes, stoats, weasels and mink. Alternatively, there are non-lethal methods that can be tried – such as erecting special fencing to keep rabbits in or out of designated areas. With less to eat, numbers naturally drop.”
The issue became critical this summer after a population explosion saw rabbits damage the playing surfaces of nearby football, cricket and rugby pitches causing serious injuries to several players. The Town Council has tried a number of methods to control the bunnies but has proposed gas as a final option.
Our poll has shown that opinion is divided in the town. Our home page poll question asks “is it right to gas the Maesydre rabbits?” and so far 53 per cent are in support of it.
NOTE: What do you think? Make your vote known by answering the front page poll and we will submit the final numbers to Welshpool Town Council ahead of their next meeting.
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