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Welshpool says NO to town centre booze

Created on 25/11/2010 @ 16:47


The people of Welshpool have spoken and their message is clear: “We want Welshpool Town Centre to be a booze free zone”.
The message has been relayed through our exclusive poll which saw hundreds of residents letting their clicking do their talking. Many even got in touch by email.
And the result is overwhelming. An incredible 84 per cent said they want it to stop and to confine drinking of alcohol solely to the town’s licensed premises.
One mother wrote: “Even at 9am it is sometimes frightening to walk down some areas because groups are sitting there and drinking cans of beer. It should be stopped to make it a safer place to be for everyone.”
We launched the poll last week after being contacted by residents who were infuriated that the booze ban proposal could slip down the town’s priority list following low support from youngsters.
The results of the town’s consultation document showed that while parents were fully in support of it, those that were even too young to drink were 51 per cent against.
Our results have been passed on the Town Council which was scheduled to debate its priorities for the next four years at its full council meeting last night.
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