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Sports forum created to give clubs a stronger voice

Created on 19/05/2021 @ 11:58


Sports clubs in Welshpool have teamed up so that the local sector can work as one to help the town recover from Covid-19 and to develop more sporting opportunities in the town.

The Welshpool Clubs Sports Forum will see clubs share information, discuss Issues of mutual interest, respond collectively as a group where the individual clubs see this of value, and to liaise with external bodies such as Sport Wales and the like when opportunities arise of mutual interest.

“Sports Clubs in the town make a massive contribution to the community and their value is considerable,” said a spokesperson for the Forum. “Collectively, they reach people of all ages throughout the town - from participants to spectators and supporters, and from the very young to the older age group. Literally hundreds of people.

“Going forward as we come out of the Covid-19 restrictions, this contribution will be even greater as the club structure strongly supports the physical and mental well-being of a significant proportion of the town.

“The work of the volunteers who run the clubs is admirable, and the Forum will help the clubs to support one another in facing post lockdown challenges as they begin activities once again.”

The Forum will have an independent chair and former Welshpool High School headtacher, Paul Coackley, has agreed to take on the role as the it develops to support the clubs.

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