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Welshpool Livestock Sales

Created on 04/09/2019 @ 09:03

Welshpool Livestock Sales report on the Sale at Buttington Cross on Monday.

OTMS (31)

A larger number of OTM cattle on offer this week, seeing a top price of £950.62 (149ppkg) for a Limousin x OTM weighing in at 638kg from DSW Jones & LE Jones, Llwynderw. M & A Powell, Drefor made 130ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 620kg making £811.20. Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1023.96 (138ppkg) for a Salers x weighing 742kg from Edwards & Co, Abertwymyn.  TH, ME & EJ Jones, Plas Coch made 124ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 778kg making £964.72. Heifers under 48 months topped at £843.66 (129ppkg) for a British Blue heifer weighing 654kg from GH Bayliss & Son, Borfa Wen. WJ Barnett & Son, Rhuvid made 144ppkg for a Welsh Black x heifer weighing 585kg making £842.40.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (13) 117.37ppkg / £772.46

OTM Bull (1) 110ppkg / £1081.30

Cows 48-72 Months (6) 119.33ppkg / £868.91

Steers 48/72 months (2) 115.39ppkg / £581.58

Heifers Under 48 months (6) 116.37ppkg / £635.81

Steers Under 48 months (1) 148ppkg / £913.16

Overall Average 118.06ppkg.

For further information, contact Glandon Lewis (07774224999) 


A larger entry of lambs forward sold to return an average of 169.92ppkg, with a top price of 217ppkg for pen of lambs weighing 46kg making £100 from Ellis Lloyd & Co, Garthiaen, and £102/head for 47.5kg lambs from TG & EA Jones, Blaenwaen Ganol.

A much larger entry of lambs forward sold to a stronger trade than last week, which would be in line with other livestock market prices. Yet again best quality, well bred, well fleshed lambs were in most demand with plenty of pens over 200ppkg. Heavier weight lambs again sold to a keen trade and larger numbers of heavier lambs are encouraged every week. Also in good demand were the better bred lighter lambs with a number of these going as store lambs for further feeding. Slightly less demand for the hill bred lambs with a bigger price gap, this week, between the best and the worst lambs.

Lights (331) to 184ppkg from DG Lewis & Co. Geufron. Others to 183ppkg from DW, VM & JW Jennings, Castellan Farm. Average of 166.13ppkg.

Standards (1120) to 195ppkg from Red House Farm, Aberhafesp. Others to 192ppkg from the same home. Average of 167.6ppkg.

Mediums (2055) to 214ppkg from Ellis Lloyd & Co, Garthiaen. Others to 211ppkg from the same home.  Average of 171.42ppkg.

Heavies (1226) to 217ppkg from Ellis Lloyd & Co, Garthiaen. Others to 215ppkg from TG & EA Jones, Blaenwaen Ganol. Average of 171.51ppkg. 


This week we saw an increased entry of 2628 cull ewes that sold to an even stronger trade than last week!! A fantastic trade from start to finish with 15 buyers present once again creating competitive bidding throughout and a terrific overall average of £55.93 being achieved. This was down £2.85 on the week but generally the ewes present this week were not as strong as last week. Top price of the day went to Tynybryn Farms that sold a strong pen of Texel ewes to £134. Grazing ewes would easily be up £10 on the week as well as the smaller Welsh ewes. The strongest Texel x and Suffolk x ewes were still a very good trade with any amount of these selling for over £95. More ewes needed each week to satisfy demand.

Texel x ewes to £134

Charollais x ewes to £116

Suffolk x ewes to £103

Cheviot ewes to £87

Mule ewes to £86

Welsh ewes to £68

For more information, please contact Joe Powell (07764663197) or Sion Roberts (07852252371).


An entry of 1100 breeding ewes was again met with a buoyant trade.

The best Texel yearlings peaked at £165 from RD Bowen, Glanrhyd with Texel yearlings to £155 x3 and £145 and £132.

Suffolk yearlings hit £142 twice, first from DG & BE Jenkins, Gaerfawr and second from D Rogers, Rose Cottage, with others to £140 twice, £135 twice and £130.

Mule yearlings topped at £138 from DW Davies & Co, Peniarth with others to £130 x3, £128 x4 and £125. Aberfield yearlings hit £142 from Bryan Jones, Fraithwen.

Two year old ewes sold to £148, £142 and £135 for Texels, with Suffolks to £101 and £98 and Mules to £90 and £88.

Three year old Texels reached £118, £115 and £112 all from Messrs Kinsey, Gwynfynydd. Full mouth Texels reached £130 and £90 with Mules to £85 and £70 and Welsh to £81 and £80.


Yearlings - £125.11

2 Year olds - £103.85

3 Year olds - £107.87

Full Mouth - £85.18

As Found - £75.37

Next Sale of Breeding Ewes next Monday 9th September with 1500 ewes entered. For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)


Store lambs sold to a very good trade again with good numbers of men bidding away briskly.

Texel theaves sold to £65.50 from EL Hamer, Ty Llewellyn with others to £65 and £60.

Texel mixed and clean sold to £64 from GO & JA Jones, Wern Farm with others to £61.50 and £60 twice.

Texel tups reached £70.50 from EH, DE & GO Lloyd, Pandy with others to £65 twice, £64.50 and £61.50 with Suffolks to £70 from C Mytton, Dolwar Chapel and Mules to £51.50 from RP Thomas, Troedygaer. Texel wether lambs hit £64.50 from SCS Morris, Gelli Llwyd with others to £56.


Theaves - £55.72

Mixed and clean - £50.91

Wethers - £61.90

Tups - £59.91

Overall average £56.28.

For further information, contact Tom Davies (07764663193)

Forthcoming sales:

Saturday 7th September – Machinery Sale

Monday 9th September – Breeding Ewes & Store Cattle

Wednesday 11th September – Welsh Mule Yearling Sale

Thursday 12th September – Welsh Mule Ewe Lamb Sale

Saturday 14th September – Welsh Hill Speckled Faced Society Ram Sale & Pure & Crossbred Ram Sale

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