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Brisk business at Monday market

Created on 27/05/2020 @ 11:33

Welshpool Livestock Sales report on their sale at Buttington Cross on Monday.

OTMS (60)

A fantastic entry of OTM cattle on offer this week saw 60 forward, with a trem trade. Top price of the day was £1357.50 (150ppkg) for a Charolais OTM weighing in at 905kg from Roberts & Jones, Parc. H & S Watkins, Cammen Uchaf made 158ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 690kg making £1090.20. Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1225.25 (169ppkg) for a Limousin x weighing 725kg from VE Lewis & Son, The Garn.  EL Jones, Bryngwaeddan  made 176ppkg for a Blonde d'Aquitaine x weighing 360kg making £633.60. Heifers under 48 months topped at £1102.85 (161ppkg) for a heifer weighing 685kg from C Jones & Son, Tyarygraig. Bulls topped at £1200.15 for  a Limousin bull weighing 635kg from RC Gethin & Son, Tanllan. Same number needed next week for demand.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (34) 129.03ppkg / £841.91

Cows 48-72 Months (14) 151.83ppkg / £835.06

Heifers Under 48 months (3) 157.57ppkg / £1002.56

Bulls Under 72 months (3) 184.99ppkg / £1137.72

Overall Average 139.64ppkg.

For further information, contact Glandon Lewis (07774224999) 


A larger entry of lambs forward sold to return an average of 251.32ppkg, with a top price of 304ppkg for pen of lambs weighing 38kg making £115.50 from D Jones, Graig Fach, and £128/head for 58kg lambs from DP Casewell, Tanrhiw.

Another tremendous entry of lambs forward, smaller weight lambs found a steadier trade but heavier weight lambs still receiving a strong demand with hogg numbers drying up.  Please keep numbers coming forward.

Lights (368) to 267ppkg from Jones & Ingram, Curatage. Others to 252ppkg from WJC & IJ Lewis & Son, Cilgwyn Mawr. Average of 235.55ppkg.

Standards (1683) to 304ppkg from D Jones, Graig Fach. Others to 293ppkg from TH Vaughan & Son, Maesmochnant Uchaf. Average of 246.47ppkg.

Mediums (1596) to 299ppkg from BE & BE Langford, Llettymeibion and TH Vaughan & Son, Maesmochnant Uchaf. Others to 298ppkg from TH Vaughan & Son, Maesmochnant Uchaf.  Average of 258.39ppkg.

Heavies (54) to 265ppkg from R & B James, Clyngini. Others to 263ppkg from DP Casewell, Tanrhiw. Average of 246.32ppkg. 


A small entry of hoggs forward with numbers drying up, sold to return an average of 220.62ppkg, with a top price of 244ppkg for pen of hoggs weighing 45kg making £110 from GJ & DM Breeze, Red House, and £121/head for 70kg hoggs from FG & G Mountford, Middle Heldre. 

Strong demand throughout on the small number forward so please get cleared up and keep numbers coming.

Lights (107) to 200ppkg from DM Ellis, Y Dderwen and Jones Bros, Rhiwaedog. Others to 197ppkg from    JR & ME Roberts, Penarddlas. Average of 191.79ppkg.

Standards (96) to 236ppkg from E Rees & Co, Church House. Others to 226ppkg from G Morris, Chads Farm. Average of 211.78ppkg.

Mediums (323) to 244ppkg from GJ & DM Breeze, Red House and Evan Davies & Co, Red House. Others to 243ppkg from DRE Jones, Offa Farm and JG Ellis & Son, Tynewydd.  Average of 229.9ppkg.

Heavies (94) to 239ppkg from Evan Davies & Co, Red House. Others to 235ppkg from MPB Ashton & Son, Belanddu. Average of 225.71ppkg. 


A slightly reduced entry of 1993 cull ewes that met another good trade with an overall average of £66.95 being achieved. Fat ewes were again very hard sold, however, heavy lean ewes were well sold still with most of these selling between £90-£100. Top price of the day was achieved by TK Robinson, Tynewydd that sold ewes to £139. Best Welsh ewes sold to £68.

For more information, please contact Joe Powell (07764663197) or Sion Roberts (07852252371).


Another good entry of over 800 outfits of ewe and lamb couples that saw hoggs and lambs hit £300 and the leading 26 prices all over £200!

This being said trade had evidently slipped on the previous week’s trading as many purchasers have started to full up and the lack of grass constant murmurs around the sale ring.

Aged ewes were the easiest sold, albeit again dominated by Welsh ewes that saw prices hit £162 for twins from A Evans, Brynperffaith and singles to £130 from F Bailey, Pensarn. 100 hardy Welsh draft ewes with singles entered from JM Gayther, Little Crogau hit £91 and averaged £86.

Flock aged Beltex ewes with singles hit £208 from Messrs Hillage, Lower Whittingslow with his run of 30 averaging £197.

Aged Texels hit £235 for twins from P Jones, Dolgwenieth with others to £212 from the same stable and others to £210, £202 and £198. Aged Suffolk ewes with twins to £182 from TRM Contractors.

A small entry of Speckle ewes saw singles to £115 and twins to £143 both from IM Lewis, Erwllan.

Mule yearlings with singles hit £205 with twins to the same money both from Terry Evans, Llwynycrwth.

Aged Cheviots sold to £141 for 12 with 20 lambs and £135 for singles, both from Messrs Morris, Common Farm.

Another good entry of hoggs and lambs with something for all budgets.

Texels to £300 from RG Francis & Son, Craignant who sold a run of 32 to average £227. Other Texels hit £240, £235 twice and £230 three times.

Suffolk hoggs to £228 from PJ Samuel & Sons, Rhosgree with others to £210, £202 and £182.

A large entry of Mule hoggs peaked at £200 three times, twice from Messrs Price, Penycrug and then from TR Williams, Eithion Gleision, with others to £190, £188 and £185 twice.


Aged ewes and lambs - £58.63/life

Hoggs and lambs - £87.38/life

Overall - £74.57/life or £158.61/unit


Another good entry of store cattle forward for the May Store cattle fair. Steers averaged 211.73ppkg or £911.60 and heifers averaged 212.63ppkg or £866.23. Top price are as follows:

Steers top price per head

Limousin 24 mo 605kg £1275 JA Jandrell, Llettyderyn

Limousin 23 mo 595kg £1240 EE & MJ Jones & Sons, Cwmbychan

Limousin 22 mo 620kg £1230 DI & J Jones, Fron

Limousin 22 mo 570kg £1215 JA Jandrell, Lletyderyn

Limousin 12 mo 460kg £1210 EH Pennie & Son, Gwern Yr Chain

Heifers top price per head

Limousin 12 mo 395kg £1400 EH Pennie & Son, Gwern Yr Chain

Limousin 13 mo 420kg £1240 EH Pennie & Son, Gwern Yr Chain

Limousin 13 mo 445kg £1195 EH Pennie & Son, Gwern Yr Chain

Charolais 15 mo 505kg £1175 EB Jones, Llwyntew

Limousin 26 mo 525kg £1135 WS Powell, Hayes Farm

Steers pence per kilo

British Blue 9 mo 410kg 289ppkg EH Pennie & Son, Gwern Yr Chain

Charolais 10 mo 275kg 270.9ppkg T Gittins, Sweet Meadow

Limousin 12 mo 425kg 265.9ppkg EH Pennie & Son, Gwern Yr Chain

Limousin 11 mo 300kg 263.3ppkg EE Davies & Co, Erw Pistyll

Limousin 12 mo 460kg 263ppkg EH Pennie & Son, Gwern Yr Chain

Heifers pence per kilo

Limousin 12 mo 395kg 354.5ppkg EH Pennie & Son, Gwern Yr Chain

Limousin 13 mo 420kg 295ppkg EH Pennie & Son, Gwern Yr Chain

Limousin 8 mo 315kg 276.2ppkg GP Vaughan & Son, Dolcorsllwyn

Limousin 12 mo 310kg 274.2ppkg EE Davies & Son, Erw Pistyll

Limousin 13 mo 445kg 269ppkg EH Pennie & Son, Gwern Yr Chain

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