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‘Excellent’ trade at market

Created on 10/06/2020 @ 11:32

Welshpool Livestock Sales report on a busy day of trading at Buttington Cross on Monday.

OTMS (63)

Another excellent number of 63 OTM cattle on offer this week, seeing a top price of £1358 (172ppkg) for a South Devon x OTM weighing in at 790kg from JRS Hughes & Co, Lower Munllyn. Red House Farm made 164ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 665kg making £1090.60. OTM bulls topped at £1115.10 (118ppkg) for a bull weighing 945kg from D Jones & Son, Moelddolwen. Younger cows (48-72 months) topped at £1417.50 (162ppkg) for a Aberdeen Angus x weighing 875kg from JRS Hughes & Co, Lower Munllyn.    Francis Partners, Penllwyn made 163ppkg for a Limousin x weighing 670kg making £1092.10. Heifers under 48 months topped at £1120 (160ppkg) for a Hereford heifer weighing 700kg from DJH Foulkes & Son, Maesteg. DS Jones & Co, Fronheulog made 188ppkg for a Limousin x heifer weighing 570kg making £1071.60. Under 48 month bulls topped at £1136.64 (148ppkg) for a Limousin bull weighing 768kg from PJ Samuel & Sons, Rhosgree. EL Jones, Bryngwaeddan made 193ppkg for a Blonde d'Aquitaine weighing 550kg making £1061.50.

Averages of the day were as follows:

OTM Cows (30) 129.21ppkg / £850

OTM Bull (2) 114.26ppkg / £1014.05

Cows 48-72 Months (17) 140.08ppkg / £945.56

Heifers Under 48 months (9) 154.67ppkg / £824.74

Bulls Under 72 months (5) 169.10ppkg / £996.99

Overall Average 137.51ppkg.

Please keep numbers coming each week. During the last 12 weeks since lock down we have sold 427 cull cattle at Welshpool.

For further information, contact Glandon Lewis (07774224999).


A similar entry of lambs forward sold to return an average of 239.96ppkg, with a top price of 314ppkg for pen of lambs weighing 38kg making £119.50 from C Vaughan, Cylch Peris, and £126/head for 46.5kg lambs from D  Page, Sidnall Farm.

Another good entry in terms of numbers and quality, sold to a strong competitive trade throughout with all buyers present bidding away well at all weights and grades of lambs. Very few heavy weight lambs entered which resulted in strong prices up to a top of £126. Export weight lambs (39-45 kilos) also in good demand especially the better quality, better bred types. A few less lighter weight lambs forward with these selling to a much stronger demand especially the better fleshed lambs. Overall another pleasing trade throughout and vendors are encouraged to keep drawing well meated lambs of any weight to meet the good demand.

Lights (519) to 266ppkg from MM & R Morris, Maestanyglwyden. Others to 262ppkg from C Vaughan, Cylch Peris. Average of 242.12ppkg.

Standards (1320) to 314ppkg from C Vaughan, Cylch Peris. Others to 278ppkg from R Richards & Co, Maenllengen. Average of 238.42ppkg.

Mediums (2018) to 305ppkg from DW & SM Roberts, The White House. Others to 280ppkg from HG Ellis & Co, Tynywern, T & ME Jones & Son, Tymawr and TH Vaughan & Son, Maesmochnant Uchaf.  Average of 240.44ppkg.

Heavies (202) to 271ppkg from DG Page, Sidnall Farm. Others to 250ppkg from DRE Jones, Offa Farm. Average of 230.96ppkg.


An end of season entry of hoggs sold to return an average of 176.82ppkg, with a top price of 191ppkg for pen of hoggs weighing 39.5kg making £75.50 from G Jones & Partners, Upper Maenllwyd, and £90/head for 48kg hoggs from MJ, BM & DT Bates, Rhallt Uchaf.

Lights to 170ppkg from RH Hughes. Fachwen Fawr. Average of 153.55ppkg.

Standards to 188ppkg from DG & BE Jenkins, Gaerfawr. Average of 174.72ppkg.

Mediums to 191ppkg from G Jones & Partners, Upper Maenllwyd.  Average of 180.05ppkg.

Heavies to 188ppkg from MJ, BM & DT Bates, Rhallt Uchaf. Average of 178.02ppkg. 

Better quality, well fleshed hoggets found a good demand. Plenty of poorer quality and leaner hoggs forward which sold to a difficult trade.


Another strong entry of 2716 cull ewes that met a very similar trade with an overall average of £66.01 being achieved. Fat ewes were slightly easier to sell, however there was less of these forward this week. Heavy lean ewes were all generally £85 plus with the best lean Texel x Mule ewes hitting the £100 mark. All Mule ewes were generally from £60-£75. Top price of the day was achieved by CJ & ME Williams, Minysarn that sold Texel x ewes at £139.

24 cull rams averaged £75.17. Top price of £107 was achieved by DW & A Roberts & Son, Ty Draw, Holywell.

Texel x ewes to £139

Beltex ewes to £131

Pure Texel to £130

Charollais ewes to £112

Suffolk x ewes to £96

Mule ewes to £82

Welsh ewes to £73

Dolgellau type Welsh to £62 

For more information, please contact Joe Powell (07764663197) or Sion Roberts (07852252371).


An entry of 44 cows and calves met with a steadier trade with the continued lack of rain starting to have an effect.

Topping the trade at £2120 was a Pedigree Limousin cow with a bull calf from RB Jones, Llwynobin. A similar outfit with a heifer calf from the same homemade £1950 whilst a British Blue x cow with a Limousin heifer calf sold at £2020.

A Simmental x 1st calver with a British Blue x bull calf sold for £1800 presented by D & E Davies, Ivy House. RE & CJ Davies, Boycott Hall sold 5 Limousin x 1st calvers with Limousin x calves at foot to a top of £1950 to average £1772. From DP Evans, Moelygarth were a further 5 Limousin x 1st calvers which sold to a top of £1880 to average £1730.

A Simmental 1st calver with a Simmmental bull calf from B Oakley, Wirswall Farm sold for £1750.

A breakdown of the prices achieved were as follows:

£2000+ 2 Lots, £1800-2000 8 Lots, £1600-1800 9 Lots, £1400-1600 11 Lots, £1200-1400 7 Lots, <£1200 3 Lots.


A seasonal entry of 250 couples, comprising mainly of hoggs and lambs, that sold to £230 for Texel hoggs from F Bailey, Pensarn with 5 other pens hitting over £200.

Best Texel hoggs traded between £198 to £230, with others £138 to £150.

First quality Mule hoggs traded from £165 to £184 with second quality sorts £138 to £160.

Suffolks hoggs hit £230 for twins and £182 for singles.

Best aged ewes hit £190 for 10 Beltex x with 14 lambs and 3 with 4 to £158.

As found Cheviots with singles to £105 and £102 twice.


Hoggs & Lambs - £84.84/life

Ewes & Lambs - £57.60/life

Overall £153.39/unit

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