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Welshpool a no-go zone for truckers

Created on 19/10/2010 @ 16:47


Lorry drivers are by-passing Welshpool and spending their overnight allowances in other towns following an increased threat of fuel thefts.
Word has spread across the British trucking fraternity this month following the alleged theft of fuel from an Ammanford-based lorry parked up for the night in the Church Street Car Park, which has since been avoided by many truckers.
One local haulier that mywelshpool spoke to confirmed that the town’s reputation as a safe overnight stop had been tarnished.
“Yes it is true,” he said. “We have stopped parking there for the time being and I am aware of other companies avoiding the town at the moment for overnight stops. Unfortunately, it means Welshpool is missing out on decent revenue from drivers who spend their allowances in the local takeaways, supermarkets and pubs when they stop off for the night.”
Local police made an arrest recently in connection with the spate of fuel thefts in the area but said they were “disappointed” that the lorry fuel theft had not been reported.
“Fuel is a valuable commodity with the prices so high, so we urge everybody to be aware and security conscious,” said a spokesperson. “We have protracted operations running to try and apprehend those responsible and urge anyone that has been affected to contact us immediately. We have not been told of thefts of fuel from lorries in Welshpool and it is disappointing if this has happened and it was not reported.”
As well as fuel, thieves have raided the Welshpool area recently for drain covers and 10 quad bikes have also been taken since the start of the year.
PICTURE: Empty bays taken last night just before sunset at Church Street (Spar) Car Park.
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