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Fancy a lockdown workout?

Created on 29/10/2020 @ 13:23


If, like us at MyWelshpool, you are counting the days down to November 9 and the end of Lockdown 2, then you will be glad to know our friends at Great Fitness have come up with a daily challenge to see us through.

We’re a third of the way through and the weather has not exactly been kind, but rather than just sit on our couches and moan, we’re being encouraged to get active with a simple workout with two variations for ‘beginners’ or ‘advanced’.

Chris Greatorex, from Great Fitness, will take you through it…

“We’ve unfortunately had to close the gym and the weather is not the best to take our exercise outside, but it doesn’t mean we simply sit back and pile on the lockdown pounds.

So I have put together a few simple exercises that can be carried out with no equipment needed in our own homes. 

It’s just a small daily challenge, but it could make a big difference and help us to be ready for when we are all able to get back to it on November 9.

All workouts should start with a five minute warm-up of jogging on the spot, squats, and arm crossovers just to raise the temperature and loosen us up.”


All exercises start with 15 of each one, repeating every day, but simply add an extra one for each day


Press ups 

Plank – 30 seconds and add 2 more seconds each day


Knee tucks 


All exercises start with 20 of each one, repeating every day, but simply add an extra two for each day. If your fitness levels are high, then feel free to add five more each day to give you that extra challenge. 

Squat jumps

Alternate jump lunges

Get ups

Press ups 

Plank - one minute and add 5 more seconds each day

Sit ups 

Leg raises 



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